Anita Pouchard Serra


These memories occupy a land of contradictions.

Family memories made up of neighbors and street corners.

Memories of war, filled with screams and blood;

Rebellious memories that seek a shared decolonial future after 130 years of French colonialism.

The project consists of a photographic essay and a short documentary film that intertwines family memories with Algeria’s war for its independence from France between 1954 and 1962. In a context between both countries that is still conflictive and tense, the goal is to reflect on colonial pasts and decolonial presents, on complex identities shaped by migrations and to create a space for intercultural dialogue, despite traumas and conflicts.

Reina, Abdelbaki, and Me

Conversations Between Paris, Oran and Buenos Aires

About Anita


French-Argentinian photojournalist and visual storyteller, based in Buenos Aires Aires and working in Latin-America. I photograph what I live rather than what I see, in total immersion in the heart of territories or stories that cross me personally, connected with current societal issues like identity, migration , women’s rights and territory with a transdisciplinary approach from drawing to performance.

I’m a Pulitzer Center grantee ( 2021/2020), a CNAP – National Center for visual arts ( 2021), a National Geographic Emergency Fund Recipient ( 2020), a WE WOMEN grantee by Photoville and Women Photograph (2019-2020), a MOVING WALLS fellow by Open Society Foundations ( 2018-2020) and a International Women’s Media Foundation grantee and fellow ( 2017/2018/2020). I’ve been nominated twice to the 6×6 Global talent program by the World Press photo and selected for the Eddie Adams Workshop XXXIV in 2021.

I’ve worked for The New York Times, TIME, Bloomberg, Washington Post, Le Monde, Amnesty, and published inDays Japan, Wired, Geo Magazine among others. I exhibited my work in Argentina, France, Uruguay, Mexico, Spain and USA. I’m a visual storytelling teacher and lecturer in Argentina and with Strudelmedia Live and Pulitzer Center. I also give community engagement workshops since 2014.


Fotógrafa y narradora visual franco-argentina, con base en Buenos Aires y trabajando en Latinoamérica. Fotografío lo que vivo más que lo que veo, en una inmersión total en los territorios o historias que me atraviesan personalmente, conectados con cuestiones sociales actuales como la identidad, la migración, los derechos de la mujer y el territorio con un enfoque transdisciplinario desde el dibujo hasta la performance.

Soy becaria del Pulitzer Center y del Emergency Fund de National Geographic Society (2020), becaria de We Women de Photoville y Women Photograph (2019-2020), becaria de MOVING WALLS de Open Society Foundations (2018-2020) y becaria de la International Women’s Media Foundation (2017/2018/2020). He sido nominada dos veces al programa de talentos 6×6 Global por la World Press photo.

Trabaje para The New York Times, TIME, Bloomberg, Washington Post, Le Monde, Amnesty,  y publiqué en Days Japan, Wired, Geo Magazine entre otros. Expuse mi trabajo en Argentina, Francia, Uruguay, México, España y Estados Unidos. Soy profesor de snuevas narrativas y fotoperiodismo en Argentina y en Strudelmedia Live y doy talleres comunitarios desde 2014.

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