Savior Lyon Cyubahiro


Weaving baskets prevented me from begging, which made me a purposeful wom-an who is able to raise her children properly and give them a good education. The father of my children left us with nothing. I worked hard taught my elder daughter how to make baskets. She helps me to support the family and take care of the youngest. Weaving keeps her from getting into bad relationships and early pregnancy.


Preserving Traditional Ornaments of Rwanda

The practice of basket weaving has been a part of Rwandan culture for centuries. Woven baskets were used to carry and contain food and goods and to decorate ceremonial events.For the past few decades, basket weaving has become a way for Rwandan women to come together, pushing past barriers that had once divided them, chosing peace over hatred. For some, recovery began with something as small as a hand-crafted basket.

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