Sebastian Montalvo Gray



Proyectil (Projectile) tells the story of Peru’s pro-democracy protestors through the objects they carried and the clothing they wore. These artifacts of dissent in Peru reflect a new global reality: in an ever-more connected world, protest tactics are borrowed and adapted from other countries as fast as the internet can spread them.

Sebastian Montalvo Gray is a visual artist mainly oriented to the audiovisual and photographic medium. Dedicated much of his time to the photojournalism profession that has awarded him a Getty Reportage Emerging Talent Award and an Alex and Rita Hillman Foundation Fellowship

His work ranks between investigative journalism and contemporary visual arts. Throughout his career he has established himself as an artist who draws bridges and relationships between various fields of knowledge, whose main value is, on one hand, in pointing out, questioning and rethinking the processes of interpretation with respect to social and contemporary political issues; and, on the other hand, to displace the traditional approach from which information is distributed, especially in the graphic media, assuming an almost anthropological position in front of the problems.

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