Stuart Tibaweswa


Things We Love

Persons from the LGBTQI community in Uganda are often not seen from a human perspective. In this book, the documentation takes another approach.

Without revealing names and identities,they write on a piece of paper about the things they love and make them happy. It is meaningful to them while highlighting their joys as opposed to stories of injustice and discrimination. This collaborative exercise also gave the photographer a chance to make images that present what the participants want others to see or know about them.

This documentation, which is a long-term project seeks to humanize and possibly correct misrepresentation and stereotypes around the community in Uganda.

About Stuart

Stuart Tibaweswa is a Kampala-based Ugandan documentary photographer. His work often focuses on marginalised communities, their relationship to wider society and seeks to contribute towards correcting misrepresented narratives. Stuart’s interest in documentary storytelling springs from the desire to question himself about social, economic and political issues around his community and address them through a series of photographs.

His latest long-term project seeks to humanise the LGBTQI+ community of Uganda in a space where anti-homosexuality laws have stripped them of their humanity as many regard them as the other.

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